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Learn how automotive brands can use digital to pass the loyalty test

Using Digital to pass the Loyalty Test for Automotive Brands

After a seven-year run, U.S. automotive sales are showing signs of slipping. Same case is with India too. That’s going to make brand loyalty even more important in the battle over market share.

it’s more crucial than ever that automakers and dealers retain their existing customers. Forty-one percent of auto brand loyalists felt completely decided when beginning their research for a new car, meaning if you’ve built that connection, you’ve already won them over for the next sale.1 Search and online video can play key roles in building and maintaining loyalty.

We surveyed vehicle shoppers across the purchase journey and discovered three things that automakers and dealers can use to strengthen their loyalty strategy.

    • Reach the customer before they reach your lot

Loyalty test for automotive sales

    • Don’t forget about service after the sale

After the sales experience

  • Evolve your messaging to match customers’ needs

  • Get started by asking yourself these three questions:

    • What audience targeting strategies am I using online to influence customers before they set foot in the dealership?
    • How am I re-engaging customers online who are searching for vehicle service options?
    • Am I evolving the messaging I use online with my loyal customers based on big events in their lives?

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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing

    Frequently asked questions about the Digital Personality Community

    How long is the course?

    Depends on how fast you learn. The community is offering 2 months weekend classes as of now

    What is the eligibility required to do these courses?

    You need to have successfully completed you XII the certification in order to join any course at Digital Personality.

    Basic computer knowledge along with proficiency in surfing internet will be helpful in pursuing our course.

    What are the criteria to gain certified status?

    The training program includes evaluation system to judge your subjective knowledge and practical implementation success rates. You get the certificate after successfully completing your training programs.

    How much money, I will earn in a month & how much time to work in a day?

    You can expect Rs.5000 to Rs.5, 00, 000/Month initially. Though earning will depend on your time and skill investment.

    Is the course theoretical or practical?

    Our training will be a combination of theoretical and practical (30% theory, 70% practical) on each topic. We also provide live exposure on projects and give assignments to test your skill sets.

    Do you provide Live Project with Training?

    Yes, during  the course. We will provide opportunity to work on our live projects.

    If I do digital marketing course, what is the use for me?

    First of all you have to understand that Digital marketing is a marketing strategy to develop marketing for company/services in online. After learning digital marketing you can start the following


    Get a job in digital marketing industry

    Start your blog/website/channel to generate online income

    If you are entrepreneur/businessman, you can develop and grow your business with Digital marketing.

    Better job opportunities and salary hike for experience professionals.

    Does your institute provide 100% Placement Guarantee?

    No, we do not make any fraudulent offers about placements to make you join the course. In fact, we guarantee 100% subject as per real-time standards so you will be ready for the job after completing our course.


    Do you provide placement assistance?

    Yes, we are one of the oldest & trusted digital marketing  institute and will help with genuine placement assistance in good companies. Based on your performance you can get a job.

    I have experience in Traditional Marketing, can I shift my career to digital marketing?

    Yes, in fact, in the todays digital environment, It is mandatory for traditional marketers to understand the digital marketing and execute the campaigns for clients in digital media.

    Can I work as freelancer?

    Yes, Our course is designed to help you learn every concept in realtime. In the end of the sessions we will discuss various concepts of Freelancing to help you get started in this industry.

    We will get any support form you people in future if I start my business?

    Yes. You can have a direct discussion with our faculty and take his expert advice for your business ideas.

    Will I get on job support, If I get doubts in my projects?

    Yes, our team will provide you support for any clarification you need in job.

    Do I need to bring anything with me on the day?

    We recommend you bring a laptop with you should you have one available to you so that you are able to follow along with live examples and log-on to various platforms. We find laptops are particularly helpful when attending our Digital Marketing

    How many other attendees will there be?

    Digital Personality workshops are designed to create an intimate learning environment to enable one-to-one time with the trainer and healthy discourse amongst all in attendance. The average number of attendees is 8 depending on the topic area.

    Get in touch with us

    Got any questions about our training programs? Our team is on hand to help with more details on any of our workshops or courses. Just click to leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

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