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  • Marketing Automation Consulting
    Why aren’t more companies using marketing automation? A recent survey from Liana Technologies found that 60 percent of respondents said they didn’t know how to use marketing automation. They listed a lack of know-how as the main reason they weren’t adopting marketing automation campaigns. Half of those surveyed also listed a lack of strategy or […]
  • Bounce Rate Analytics: How to Measure, Assess, and Audit to Increase Conversions
    The post Bounce Rate Analytics: How to Measure, Assess, and Audit to Increase Conversions appeared first on Neil Patel.
  • Which Social Media Sites Really Matter and Why
    Social media is critical. I doubt anyone would argue with me about that. But social media is also misunderstood in some ways. One of those misunderstandings is which social media sites a business or individual should be on. If you read this article, you’re going to understand which social media sites are best for your […]
  • How to Respond to Ripoff Report Reviews
    Ripoff Report is a popular website that claims to give consumers recourse if they are scammed on the internet. But what if the tables turn, and your legitimate business is listed? What course of action can you take? How Ripoff Report Listings Can Impact Your Business According to reputation management best practices, you should claim […]
  • Best HR Outsourcing Services
    HR is confusing. And the legal ramifications of doing something wrong… are huge.  There’s a reason people spend their entire lives learning the ins and outs of human resources—there’s a lot to it. But the good news is that nobody expects you to know it all and you don’t have to navigate it alone.  The […]

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  • SEO Copywriting: The Definitive Guide
    The post SEO Copywriting: The Definitive Guide appeared first on Backlinko.
  • The Ultimate SEO Tutorial for 2020
    The post The Ultimate SEO Tutorial for 2020 appeared first on Backlinko.
  • 17 Untapped Ways to Find New Content Ideas
    Today I’m going to show you 17 little-known ways to find GREAT content ideas. In fact, finding untapped content topics is one of the main reasons that my blog now brings in 519,977 visits per month: So if you want to come up with content topic ideas for blog posts, YouTube videos and podcasts, this […]
  • How People Use Google Search (New User Behavior Study)
    We analyzed 1,801 Google user behavior sessions to better understand how people interact with modern Google SERPs. Specifically, we investigated: How many people click on ads vs organic results Percentage of clicks that go to local, video and Google Shopping Average search session length Number of users that make it to the bottom of the […]
  • 17 Advanced SEO Techniques for 2020
    This is a list of 17 advanced SEO strategies, techniques and tactics. In fact, these strategies have helped my site bring in 350,973 visitors per month from Google. So if you’re sick of reading the same old beginners stuff (“create great content!”), you’ll really enjoy this list. 1. Rank for “Journalist Keywords” 2. Use Animated […]

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