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  • The Marketer’s Guide To Medium
    Are you searching for new audiences to tap into to grow your base? If you answered yes—and, let’s face it, all marketers are looking for new audiences—then you’ve come to the right place.  The platform offers marketers a unique opportunity to further brand recognition and grow their follower base in a somewhat unconventional form. Part […]
  • 5 Ways to Convert Paid Ad Leads
    As it becomes increasingly challenging to grow organic reach, more and more marketers are looking to paid ads. Since this monetary model is by no means novel, that means there’s a crowded space for these ads. You want to ensure your dollars dedicated to pay-per-click (PPC) are getting their money’s worth. Maybe you’ve written scintillating […]
  • 24 Inbound Marketing Strategies Your Startup Needs to Start Using Today
    Are you ready to skyrocket your success? If so, you need to focus your efforts on inbound marketing strategies for your startup. Why? It’s one of the best ways to take market share from bigger companies, and you don’t need a hefty Facebook Ads budget to compete. Instead of broadcasting to the customer, as traditional […]
  • How to Use Google Discovery Ads
    Google discovery ads are changing the game by implementing a more powerful AI to take a lot of the guesswork out of paid advertising on Google. Instead of manually optimizing your ads over time, Google AI will take care of it for you using its massive amounts of data.  How? That’s what we’re going to […]
  • BrickSeek: The Hidden Tool Online Consumers Use to Find Hidden Inventory Sales
    Have you ever wanted a fast way to get the best deals in retail stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Target, and more? Whether you’re just looking to save some money or you’re into retail arbitrage, the ability to easily check product inventory from the comfort of your home is something many people only dreamed about. […]

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  • How to Promote Your Blog: 21 NEW Strategies
    In today’s post, I’m going to show you exactly how to promote your blog. In fact: These are the same strategies that I used to grow my blog to 553,682 monthly visitors: Let’s dive right in. 1. Guest Post Bonuses 2. Publish Data-Driven Content 3. Update and Upgrade Old Content 4. LinkedIn Syndication 5. Facebook […]
  • Email Marketing: The Definitive Guide
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  • We Analyzed 208K Webpages. Here’s What We Learned About Core Web Vitals and UX
    We analyzed 208,085 webpages to learn more about Core Web Vitals. First, we established benchmarks for Cumulative Layout Shift, First Input Delay, and Largest Contentful Paint. Then, we looked into the correlation between Core Web Vitals and user experience metrics (like bounce rate). Thanks to data provided by WebCEO, we were able to uncover some […]
  • Copywriting: The Definitive Guide (2021)
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  • The B2B Content Marketing Report
    We analyzed 502 B2B companies to better understand how they approach content marketing. And to help identify content marketing approaches that work best in the B2B space. Specifically, we looked at: How many B2B companies have a blog The types of content are they publishing How much organic traffic B2B blogs receive each month The […]

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  • Google: Site Command Rankings Can Be Impacted By Core Updates
    I do a ton of site command searches, I do this to find content on specific sites, and I've noticed over the years is that the results I get from Google before and after a core update can be impacted for those site commands. So I asked Google if I am crazy for thinking this […]
  • Google Launches Search Console Insights After A Year Of Testing
    After over 11 months of testing, probably a lot more, Google is taking the Search Console Insights feature out of BETA and officially launching it. Search Console Insights "joins data from both Search Console and Google Analytics with a goal of making it easy to understand your content's performance."
  • Google's John Mueller Drops Tweet On Premature Optimization
    John Mueller of Google dropped a fun tweet yesterday where he wrote "thinking about premature optimization, but for SEO..." Premature SEO... Of course, the responses are somewhat interesting and I thought I'd share some of the early responses, but click through to the Twitter thread to explore more.
  • Google: No Sudden Ranking Drop When The Page Experience Update Goes Live
    Google's John Mueller was asked again if "there be a sudden drop in rankings of websites that have poor Core Web Vitals score?" John said no, there won't be a sudden drop in rankings for these sites. He said "no, we're rolling this out slowly over the course of about 2 months."
  • Google: Removing People Also Ask Results Takes Longer Than Removing Normal Search Results
    Google's John Mueller said in this past Friday's SEO video hangout that requesting removal of people also ask results in Google takes longer than would the removal of normal search results. He said this is because the people also ask results are from "more indirect information" Google has in its index.